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Selling Your Boat

When choosing a broker, there are many factors you have to consider:


You are selling your boat but, in most cases, you are also developing a long-term relationship.

Your working relationship with a broker is a big factor when it comes to selling your boat.

       1) If it is hard for you to work with your broker, it will also be hard for the customer.

       2) The after-the-sale details really set your broker apart. They must maintain a good

           relationship with the Surveyors, Transport companies, Marinas, and all those involved

           to help keep the sale moving forward.

       3) Your broker must treat every boat as their own.


Experience is also a big factor for success.


With over 15 years of experience in sales and service, I personally have:


       1) The knowledge and experience to perform the repairs or upgrades that are needed.

       2) Prep for Transportation, Transport, and Unload for storage and or Launch.

           This is one of the most critical aspects of buying a boat. You need to know

           that your investment will be taken care of properly.

       3) Commission and Decommission your boat.

       4) Owner orientation available upon request.


Commitment is vital to the sale of your boat.


       1) Your broker must be willing to do what it takes to sell your boat.

           If they will not travel to your boat's location (within reason) to

           show your boat, they are not committed to selling your boat.

       2) Location it is not as important as it used to be. With the Internet,

           most buyers shop at home before even considering traveling to look at a boat.

       3) I will travel to your boat's location as part of my brokerage fee.


If the broker wants you to move your boat to their location, it is not necessary.

In fact it may be a huge unnecessary expense to you.


 When your boat is at the marina, it is relatively hassle-free for your buyer.

       1) It has a home port - no need to look for a new location. The slip is usually available.

       2) No transportation costs.

       3) No commissioning or decommissioning costs. This can save 1000's of dollars

          which in turn allows you to be more flexible with your price, add equipment

          or make the new customers buying decision quicker and easier.

       4) Less chance for damage.

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